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Advice for Architects, Developers and Land Managers

> 5m above ground

Away from windows

In deep shade

2-20 bricks per site

Boxes with Entrance holes

These are boxes that are enclosed, with just an entrance hole into the main chamber. Most commonly they are sold with small, medium and large entrance holes i.e. 25 - 32mm (small) 45-50mm (medium) and 150mm> (large). Buy boxes made from wood, preferably hardwood as they will last longer, or Woodcrete (a combination of concrete and wood), which are very long lasting and have excellent insulation properties. Avoid plastic and metal boxes. 

Species likely to use a small entrance hole nestbox: 

25mm – Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit 

28mm – Great Tit, Tree Sparrow, Pied Flycatcher 

32mm – House Sparrow, Nuthatch 


"The Official" Cedar Nestboxes come in 26mm and 32mm entrance holes 

woodcrete great tit.jpg

Avianex™, specially designed for wall mounting, is built to the same meticulous standards as the Woodcrete nestbox 

Species likely to use a medium entrance hole nestbox: 

45mm – Starling 

50mm – Great Spotted Woodpecker 


Schwegler 3S

Starling box with 45mm entrance hole

Schwegler 1SH Project box for woodpeckers 

Species likely to use a large entrance hole nestbox: 

150mm – Jackdaw, Stock Dove, Tawny Owl 


Schwegler No.29 Jackdaw box. Front panel can be removed for cleaning and inspection. 


Schwegler Owl Box No.5 is also suitable for Stock Dove and Jackdaw 

Open-fronted Nestboxes

The overall dimensions for open-fronted boxes are identical to those with small hole entrances. The big difference concerns the front panel, which come in various heights, depending on the species nesting it is intended for. 

Species likely to use a low-fronted nestbox (approx 60mm): 

Spotted Flycatcher, Robin, Redstart, Wagtails, and possibly Wren


Avianex OpenFront is constructed from Woodcrete, with a removable front panel for cleaning


The Official Cedar Open Front Nestbox (low)

Species likely to use a medium-fronted nestbox (approx 100mm): 

Robin, Pied Wagtail


Schwegler 2H Robin Box is also suitable for Pied Wagtails


The Official Cedar Open Front Nestbox (medium)

Species likely to use a high-fronted nestbox (approx 140mm / domed): 



The Schwegler Roundhouse comes with its own wire hanger but it can also be wedged securely in hedges and thick shrubs 


The Official Cedar Open Front Nestbox (high)

"The Official" Woodcrete Nestboxes come in 26mm, 32mm and oval entrance holes 

Boxes Holes
Boxes Open Front
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