"Britain needs more holes!"

Introduced by Nick Baker, Wildlife TV presenter

You’ve reached Nestbox Central! Here at the home of National Nestbox Week we’re spreading the word that Britain’s birds need lots more safe, secure places to call home and raise the next generation.

So what’s the story – and why do we all need to put up more nestboxes?

The big thing that’s missing from today’s manicured towns, parks and gardens is holes for birds. And no holes means no hole-nesting birds.

By putting up a nestbox, you’re simply replacing all those natural cavities that would have existed in the wild woods standing where your garden is now. Every new bird box represents a missing piece of our natural architecture that’s been in gradual decline over the centuries.

You really can’t put up too many of the things, whether it’s a classic nestbox with a hole, a tea chest for an owl, a wedge-shaped box for Treecreepers or an open-fronted box for Robins, flycatchers and thrushes.

So get stuck in and have fun doing your bit for Britain’s birds: and remember, the more holes the better! We’ll show you how easy it is to build your own nestbox – I can’t think of a more satisfying way to spend an afternoon creating something that will help our wildlife for years. Or if you’re reluctant to Do It Yourself, buying the right box is an equally valuable way to help.

While National Nestbox Week officially kicks off on Valentine’s Day, please don’t forget that a good quality nestbox will be appreciated by garden birds all year round. So don’t delay: get yours up right now.”

Nick Baker

Naturalist, author and wildlife TV presenter


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National Nestbox Week is an established part of the ornithological calendar. Celebrated from February 14th each year, it puts the spotlight on breeding birds and asks everyone to put up more nestboxes in their local area. National Nestbox Week was first established in 1997 by the BTO and Britain’s leading birdcare specialist Jacobi Jayne & Co.

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