The Official Cedar nestbox - designed to last 

This wonderfully solid timber box is crafted exclusively from long-lasting cedar that’s a generous 19mm thick, offering excellent insulation and strength. It will tempt generations of birds back into your garden for years to come, with wonderful looks that weather gracefully without the need for any paint or preservatives. 

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The natural beauty of cedar


It's often described as a soft wood with the properties of a hard wood. Grown sustainably in carefully managed Canadian forests, cedar's impressive resistance to wet weather and decay makes it a natural choice for house building, fence posts and roof shingles. It's a thing of beauty, too, with a rich honey-gold hue that ages gradually in your garden. 

Ideal for: great, blue, marsh & coal tits, redstart, nuthatch, pied flycatcher, house sparrow and tree sparrow.

19mm panel thickness keeps winter chills at bay and helps regulate interior temperature during the hottest summer.

Hinged opening on all models makes inspection and annual cleaning easy.

Supplied aluminium fixing nail will not damage tree and is safe when tree is eventually felled.

Zero maintenance, with no paint, varnish or preservatives needed

Attracts lots of British species, from familiar friends to rarer visitors. Choose 32mm or 26mm hole, or open front for robins.

Rigid hand-screwed construction resists splits and warping - unlike cheap, thin boxes that only last a season or two.


There's a choice of two entrance hole sizes and three open front panel sizes. 
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National Nestbox Week is an established part of the ornithological calendar. Celebrated from February 14th each year, it puts the spotlight on breeding birds and asks everyone to put up more nestboxes in their local area. National Nestbox Week was first established in 1997 by the BTO and Britain’s leading birdcare specialist Jacobi Jayne & Co.

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Nestboxes come in many shapes to suit different birds.

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